Road to Nowhere | Photo of the Day

Panasonic GH1 @14mm, HDR via NIK HDR Efex Pro I play around with HDR every so often, but it isn’t a regular part of my processing or shooting approach.   I tent to use it to capture a wide dynamic range -  leaving the final image looking ‘natural’.   In this case, the DR was well within [...]

Crutches | Photo of the Day

Copyright 2010, Steve Black (click for larger version) Today is my last day in New Zealand. I’ve been packed and ready to go since yesterday – just waiting for my flight back to the US tomorrow. It has been an amazing four months here – I’d highly recommend a trip if you have the time [...]

What if there were no second chances? | Photo of the Day

Copyright 2010, Steve Black (click for larger version) I’m generally not that sentimental of a guy. It isn’t often that I think about how short life is and how lucky I’ve been. But being in the middle of the Christchurch earthquake a few weeks ago has really caused me to take time to reflect. One [...]

Photo of the Day: Christchurch Reflection

Copyright 2010, Steve Black (click for larger version) A beautiful summer day here in Christchurch yesterday – blue skys and beautiful clouds. Enjoy! -Steve Recommend on FacebookTweet about itSubscribe to the comments on this postTell a friend

Photo of the Day: Fisherman

Copyright 2010, Steve Black (click for larger version) I’m still travelling in New Zealand for the next few months – so posts won’t be regular, but I’ll try to keep them coming! One of the few that I’ve really liked from my travels thus far. Enjoy! -Steve Recommend on FacebookTweet about itSubscribe to the comments [...]

Christmas Present: Recharged (my) batteries

Christmas Present: Recharged (my) batteries

Apologies for the long silence on my site – I’ve been travelling in New Zealand for the past 6 weeks and thought I’d have more time / energy to devote to the site.  I’ve recently quit my job as a management consultant and am taking time off to travel and reflect before looking for work [...]

Simplicity 1: Yellow – Photo of the day

Copyright 2010 Steve Black Thanks to a comment by Theresa Jackson, I’ve decided to focus on simple images for the next few Photos of the day.  My eye is often attracted to simple color or texture as the subject of my images.  Let me know what you like (or don’t) about them in the comments. [...]

Embedding Flickr slide shows in WordPress Blog posts

Embedding Flickr slide shows in Wordpress Blog posts

I’ve had trouble getting my Photoshelter images to show up in blog feeds, but Flickr has worked fine.  That brought up the question on Twitter of how was I able to embed a Flickr slideshow in WordPress.  Given 140 characters was going to be tough, I threw together this quick post to show what I [...]

Semi-transparent: Photo of the day

A lightly-processed HDR from Millenium Park in Chicago.  The bright sunlight was pushing through the water and glass blocks from the other side.  Doesn’t feel obviously HDR to me.  What do you think? -Steve Recommend on FacebookTweet about itSubscribe to the comments on this postTell a friend

End of Summer: Photo of the day

As I was in Chicago for the weekend, I spent some time at Millenium Park on Sunday morning.  It was a chilly morning, but there were still some families out playing in the water at the Crown Fountains.  I loved this shot of the boy running across the reflecting pool.  I’m sure his parents didn’t [...]

Processing for handheld HDR brackets

Processing for handheld HDR brackets

Great suggestion leads to a new approach for my handheld HDR image processing Thanks to a helpful comment by Sergio Valverde on yesterday’s blog post (check out some of his great HDR work in his Flickr stream), I’m now trying out a new method for processing handheld HDR brackets.  Sergio suggested I align the images in [...]

Tuesday thoughts: HDR with CS5 vs. Photomatix 4 Beta

I spent the weekend in Chicago to see some friends and catch Dave Matthews Band at Wrigley Field (perfect fall weather for it – absolutely amazing).  As I packed light, I brought my Panasonic GH1 with me and left the tripod behind. I shot for an hour or so on Sunday morning, enjoying the cool [...]

Photo of the Day: Synchronized Yawning

1/200 sec, F1.4, ISO 1600. 5dm2, 85m As I rode the subway home from Jay’s workshop late one evening – I happened to be sharing a subway car with this woman and her child. As I didn’t want to impact the scene – I was literally shooting from my hip and then casually checking my [...]

Photo of the Day: Aruba

1/800, 5.6, ISO 100. 20d, 70-200 2.8 @ 140mm I spent a few days in Aruba for a friend’s wedding back in 2007. One afternoon, I rented a Jeep and went driving around the Island. I came across this great old, rusted ship and it was paired with the perfect pelican to give the photo [...]

Photo of the day: NY Skyline at night

30 sec, F9, ISO 100. 5dm2, 35mm (24-105) When I was in New York last May, I spent one evening at Brooklyn Bridge Park – getting some long exposures of the bridges and skylines. This is my favorite image from the set. A bit of a ‘postcard’ shot – but sometimes, that’s just what I’m [...]

Photo of the Day: Perseverance

1/200 sec, F7.1, ISO 400. 5dm2, 200mm (70-200 F4L) As part of Jay Maisel’s class – he talks about finding the stage – and waiting for the actors to come. I found this great colorful background and stood there for at least an hour shooting from across the street as people came by. Most didn’t [...]

Photo of the Day: Inspired by Jay Maisel

Prior to attending a workshop with Jay Maisel earlier this year, I did very little street photography of people. Half of the time I was nervous they would get mad or embarrassed.  To be honest the other half of the time, I wasn’t even paying attention!  Those of you that have had the fortune of taking [...]

Wacom tablet – unboxing and first impressions

Christmas in September…My Intuos 4 Medium tablet arrived today from MPEX The Intuos 4 tablet that I ordered at Photoshop World arrived today.  It is my first foray into the world of tablets and I was pretty excited to see what it could do after recently increasing the amount of work I’m doing in Photoshop [...]

Photoshop World Review

Moose Peterson, JP Caponigro, Jay Maisel and Vincent Versace Copyright 2010 Steve Black As I mentioned previously, I made a last minute decision to head to Photoshop World in Las Vegas last week.  I’d never been before – and actually only open Photoshop a few times a year.  Contrary to its name, PSW is actually [...]

Review: ICELAND, A Monograph, David duChemin

Review: ICELAND, A Monograph, David duChemin

Context The location of David’s duChemin’s latest pdf – Iceland – is one of my favorite places I’ve had the fortune of visiting (tops being Antarctica – which I can’t imagine anything beating – just for the solitude and otherworldly beauty).  I’m a fan of David’s work and have followed him for some time.  That [...]