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Copyright 2010, Steve Black (click for larger version)

Today is my last day in New Zealand. I’ve been packed and ready to go since yesterday – just waiting for my flight back to the US tomorrow. It has been an amazing four months here – I’d highly recommend a trip if you have the time to spare.

As I tried to pass time today, I walked around town for a while, but wasn’t visually inspired for some reason. Bit of a photographic funk, you could say. I came back to my room, opened the window to let in some fresh air and liked the backdrop that I saw below. Then the waiting game began.

I took a few dozen photos with my S90 (couldn’t fit my 5dmk2 out the small gap in the window!) before I captured a scene that I was pleased with. Something about the crutches and the word ‘give’ that connect in my mind. Not sure why, but emotion certainly plays a role in our enjoyment of photography.

Bit of a side note: The S90 has been a wonderful camera on this trip – a great pocket camera and has taken a TON of abuse and never failed me. I know it isn’t designed to be one of the shockproof / waterproof / bombproof cameras on the market today, but it has withstood my accidental tests of sand, water and gravity without fail. I’m a big fan.



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