Photo of the Day: View from Above – Part 2

5dmk2, 70-300mm at 70, 1/80, 5.6, ISO 2000 (it was dark out!)
Copyright 2010, Steve Black (click for larger version)

In my last post, I shared an image from my first photography-focused flight (in a 6-seat aircraft over the NZ mountains and glaciers on the West coast). I recently had a chance to do a bit more aerial work, this time from a hot air balloon above the Canterbury Plains, near Christchurch, New Zealand. Not only was the ride itself incredibly peaceful and a wonderful experience (including a landing that ended up with the basket on it’s side!) – but I absolutely loved the chance to shoot from a completely different perspective.

We had a foggy morning – all flights are done at daybreak due to the calmer weather – which helped give the images an additional sense of mystery and feeling. I’m currently enamoured with this shot of the foggy forest from above – I hope you enjoy it as well!


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