New York Kiss: Photo of the day

Copyright 2010, Steve Black (click for larger version)
1/8, ISO 3200, F4, 5dm2

Sometimes it is better to be lucky than good. I try to embrace those moments, recognize what made them lucky, and try to make it intentional next time around. If we never shared our ‘lucky’ images, I think we’d find we lost some of our favorites.

When I was in New York last May, I took some long-exposure shots of the city from the Brooklyn Bridge park. As I walked back, I tried to get some photos of the bridge, though it was dark and I was trying to get sharp images on a swaying bridge with exposures at the extremes of my handholding capabilities.

I wish I’d seen the kissing couple when taking the shot and done it intentionally. I really, really do. But, I didn’t see this happy mistake until I opened up the image in lightroom. Click to view the larger image, as you may miss the couple if you don’t!



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