Photo of the Day: Perseverance

1/200 sec, F7.1, ISO 400. 5dm2, 200mm (70-200 F4L)

As part of Jay Maisel’s class – he talks about finding the stage – and waiting for the actors to come. I found this great colorful background and stood there for at least an hour shooting from across the street as people came by. Most didn’t even notice, and the few that did made for some great shots:

The scene:

The players

The subject of today’s POTD walked by, but a cab came into the picture at the same moment…

I then recalled a story Jay told about following someone for a few blocks to get the picture, so I took off after this guy. I was walking on the other side of the street as him – not shooting – but looking ahead to what backgrounds were coming up. I was able to get off a few shots of him against this brick wall before he went inside a restaurant to eat. It isn’t the perfect picture (slight blur, missing his feet) – but I think he’s unique enough that he stands out and the image always reminds me to stick with it to try and get something even better.

Hope you like it – and hit the comments with your thoughts!


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  1. I really like the guy with the cigar on the brick background best. If a girl in a pink poka dot dress would have walked into the other scene, that would have been something.

    This idea of finding a stage and waiting for the actors is really good. I stumbled upon the concept on my own a while back, but of course it wasn’t nearly as well thought out as Jay Maisel. I wrote about it on my web site.

    Next time I head out with my camera I’m going to find a cool scene and just wait for something to happen. Thanks for the idea.

  2. Steve says:

    Thanks for the note. Jay has had a big impact on my photography. Tons of these seemingly simple suggestions and insights, but conveyed in a way that really resonated with me and stuck. I’ll definitely check out your post!

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