Mpix business cards: review

As I mentioned ┬áin last week’s post (here), I ordered business cards from MPIX in anticipation of Photoshop World in Vegas. The cards arrived the Monday before PSW – and I was very pleased with the quality. I ordered 3 different layouts – two with a single photo on one side and text on the other, and the second with photos on both, one with a limited text overlay.

The cards feel solid, and have a nice gloss to them (which I did pay extra for in the ordering process) and print quality was good. One photo did come out a bit washed out – but I’ll chalk that up to my issues as I was rushing to get them ordered and should’ve proofed them first.

Each set of cards came in it’s own box, ruber-banded…


with a rolled up foam-paper buffer to keep them from flopping around too much in the case…


The fronts of the three designs I used (all actual images of mine).


After seeing a variety of other cards at Photoshop world – I’ve got a few more creative ideas for the next go around…

Overall, the ordering process was easy, the quality good and I’d recommend doing business with MPIX if you are in need of cards.


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