Embedding Flickr slide shows in WordPress Blog posts

I’ve had trouble getting my Photoshelter images to show up in blog feeds, but Flickr has worked fine.  That brought up the question on Twitter of how was I able to embed a Flickr slideshow in WordPress.  Given 140 characters was going to be tough, I threw together this quick post to show what I do.

Step 1: Create a Set in Flickr with the images you want in the slideshow

Step 2: Go to the page for the chosen Set and you’ll find a slideshow link right below the search box

Slideshow link in the upper right

Step 3: Once you click on that link, the slideshow opens up, and there is a ‘Share’ link in the upper right.  I grab the embed code, and past in the ‘HTML’ editor on the WordPress site, and it works for me.

Embed link

There may be other ways, but that seems to do the trick!

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  1. Hi Steve,

    I’ve done those same steps and for some reason every time I click publish wordpress automatically turns it into a link to the slideshow on my Flickr page instead of embedding it. Maybe because I have the freebie version of wordpress? I appreciate any thoughts you might have.

    Here’s a detailed list of the issue.



  2. Steve says:

    I’ve had problems in the past where wordpress would change the underlying code when you toggled from HTML to Visual views. Try going to HTML view, pasting the code and then posting from there, without ever going back to Visual.

    When I view the source on your page, all I see is the html link to the slideshow -whereas the source code in mine has the full detail I pasted in.

    Not sure what is causing it (is there a WordPress forum somewhere?), but give it a shot – let me know if it works!

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