Last minute trip to PSW and Mpix business cards

Heading to PSW

So, I decided today to take the plunge and head to Photoshop World in Las Vegas (PSW).  A bit spur of the moment, given it starts next Wednesday!  I’m a last-minute planner by nature, and until a few months ago, I thought I’d still be working in London.  [Sidenote: A bit of background about me - I'm taking a 6 month break from working as a management consultant in London (and before that, Chicago).  Part holiday and part 'what do I want to be when I grow up?'.  I'm using the time to explore, read, travel and relax - amongst other things.]

Given I’m currently in a fairly open phase of my life – and photography has been a passion of mine for the last 5 or 6 years – I want to use this time to push myself to develop my craft as much as possible.  I don’t know that I’ll ever try and turn professional in the economic sense of the word – but part of this break is allowing me to really get my head around what it means to be a photographer more often than when I’m on vacation.

So, I figured PSW is a great opportunity for me to:

1. Learn and develop a variety skills
2. Finally meet a number of folks that I’ve been chatting to on the web over the last few years
3. Spend some time with countless people that share my passion

What else are you excited about?  Gambling?  A chance to hear Scott Kelby rock out on stage?  Summer heat in Vegas?

Mpix Business Cards

Once I made the decision to attend PSW – I figured it would be a good idea to have some simple business cards at hand.  I vividly remember the last time I went to a conference in Vegas (a Bankruptcy conference a few years back for work) – rolling up to the first session, reaching into my bag to grab a stack of business cards to swap with the people I’d just met and finding three … ooops!

I’d heard that Mpix will make them – and figured I’d give it a go (I would make them myself, but am printerless – having gotten rid of my Epson 3800 when leaving the UK).  The setup process with Mpix was fairly simple – outlined below, and I’ll report back on the quality once I get them on Monday (hopefully!).  I also chose Mpix for speed, as they should be able to get them to me on Monday. #fingerscrossed

If you’ve been thinking about using Mpix (or are otherwise interested), I’m happy to share at PSW.  Drop me an email steve@steveblackphotography, or a DM on twitter: steveblackphoto if you want to meet up.

Also, I’d love to hear about what has or hasn’t worked for you in creating business cards.  Do you print them on your own?  Use another agency?  Think they are a waste of time?

The process I used to create the cards for Mpix:

1. First, I downloaded the size guide and opened it up in photoshop (download here)

2. I then cropped and adjusted a variety of photos in Lightroom and threw them on a single page for a quick comparison to get a feel for what worked and what didn’t work.  At some point, I’ll go through the effort of printing out a few sheets of these and settling for what I like best.  For PSW, I just needed to get something together quickly!  I toyed with more / less text on the front, ranging from no text on the front to all of website, email, twitter and skype.  I ended up ordering a few variations (different photos, mix of text, photos on both sides) and will let you know what worked / didn’t.  (Any thoughts on the examples below is always appreciated!)


3. I then created a ‘back’ of the card version in Photoshop, as Mpix had a very limited font selection.

4. Once I figured which fronts I wanted to use, I dropped them into their own individual tiffs that were sized to the Mpix guides (3.5 x 2, if memory serves).  I then uploaded the various ‘fronts’ and ‘backs’ to the Mpix site.

5. From there, using their automated tool was fairly straightforward – click on the photo below and it will take you to the flickr stream that has the step by step with captions.

Let me know if anything is unclear, if you found it useful or if I’ve left something out.

I’ll create a new post once I get them on Monday.  See you at PSW!

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